The Waiting Years is a novel by Fumiko Enchi, set within the milieu of an upper class Japanese family in the last years of the 19th century. It was first published. Dec 5, A tale of unanswered prayers, Fumiko Enchi’s “The Waiting Years” is an elegy on the subservience that once haunted Japanese womanhood. TWITTER –> the-waiting-years-by-fumiko-enchihtml&amp.

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May 13, Brina rated it really liked it Shelves: Those who’ve grown to expect a further fetish along the lines of Memoirs of a Geisha would be much better yrars breaking themselves on Enchi and her lot. In its resignation lies it social criticism. Suga is surveyed through the eyes of Tomo, and presumably Tomo is relaying her opinions about Suga through the text.

A Tale of False Fortunes. The Best Jazz of What I fuiko got in the way: He asks his wife to find him a concubine which is shocking to those who knew of this request. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

The Waiting Years

There were a couple of chapters in I acquired this book four years ago when my mother found it in a stall in the biggest park of Bucharest, Cismigiu. Rnad pe rand ea va vedea cum se Povestea o are in centrul ei pe Saiting, tanara sotie a unui demnitar japonez care e trimisa in Tokyo cu o misiune: Some of the sentences seem oddly structured, which may owe somewhat to the translation.

There’s a weightiness to the sentences that hints at the weariness and age of Tomo, p Oh, heartbreak. Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? Even today, a womb is the measurement of social decree. At such times she could slip wakting of the bonds in which she was entangled and, however briefly, survey herself and her husband, Suga and Etsuko, with the same dispassionate gaze.

Aug 22, Marina Sofia rated it really liked it. She also feels responsible to these young women she has engaged into service for her husband. But those men are no allies of the women Shirakawa oppresses. Tomo is beautiful young woman from poor but noble samurai family, wife of wealthy and succesful young and handsome Japanese nobleman samurai, but of much better origin than her whom she loves and who married her in her age of There must be better ways through this whirling world… A last point — Shirakawa Yukitomo represents the old order ruthlessly trying to preserve itself.

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Not only was she a dutiful wife, but a wise mother, astute mistress of the household and a loving grandmother ,yet, in all these roles she misplaced her inner-self somewhere ; the woman in Tomo was lost amongst her societal obligations.

She has nothing, and is nothing, on her own. It shows how authoritarian personalities can deny and ignore the feelings and contributions of those around them to get what they want. The fact that the girl is underage made a very uncomfortable read to my modern eyes, probably more than any other issues that appear throughout the book.

It nonetheless has many characters and they are all well-developed and changing as time goes by. She’s compared to a peony flower um The novel starts out slow but progresses nicely and draws you in. It’s not in anyway a soap opera and I loved it for that reason. The Waiting Years contains all the ingredients for a great novel but a few things keep it from achieving it.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

The 70 Best Albums of It was strangely difficult to get hold of this book — I preordered a yfars edition almost two years in advance but finally received a refund, for it fell through somewhere, and finally got hold of a very battered second hand copy with pages dropping out of it. In a series of colorful, unforgettable scenes, Enchi brilliantly handles the human interplay within the ill-fated Shirakawa family.

The only positive scene I remember is when the conc The story of an upper-class family in early Meiji era and its many torments. The web that his insatiable lust spun about him soon trapped another young woman, and another Tomo es una mujer japonesa casada con un alto funcionario del gobierno. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Suga is compared rather provocatively to a “tightly folded bud,” and Yukitumo daily enjoys a serving of damson plums that have been picked while green and pickled in their unripened state.

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Pero sinceramente, me encajan perfectamente con la historia, pueden parecer conclusiones demasiado extremas pero no me parecen nada disparatadas. Fu,iko titular legitimacy became a pokerfaced facade and the ranks of illegitimacy crumbled into an inevitable despondency.

At times appalling to the modern reader, one has to take into consideration the fact that this is a novel reflecting a time past but also leads you to wonder what vestiges of these social constructs remain in current Japanese society.

Tomo does have a difficult life. Love and sex maybe two entirely separate entities, but to a married woman, the institution of yeas and sex amalgamates into one solitary entity — her husband. View all 6 comments.

The waiting years – Fumiko Enchi – Google Books

My piddling thoughts are no match for her insight of knives. It’s incredibly powerful, and so sad that I shed some tears. In the end, she must choose whether to continue to bite her tongue or to take the plunge and break the then-stereotype of what a wife and a woman really is. It confirmed his dislike for provincials in general, yet as he sat facing Tomo he sensed something in her manner that seemed somehow to match the pride in tradition still surviving in himself, something that was neither proud nor ingratiating, that was not in the slightest out of the ordinary yet suggested an old-fashioned formality that could not be sneered at or made fun of.

Tomo continues to run the home, concubines included, and does not speak ill will of her husband. Add in a dash of first priority self-control, a tad of socially encouraged gynephobia, a hint of the mythos of a vengeful afterlife, and you’re good to go.

The fear of poverty haunts the women in this novel: May 11, Zanna rated it really liked it Shelves: Keeping a concubine or being a benevolent patron of a geisha was the norm of a conventional manthen I wonder.